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RAI Technology's iSeek platform is a subscription-based AI identification technology service platform. It features a powerful identification core with a variety of AI applications, including AI smart safety, smart retail, and smart transportation. It can be applied to different scenarios to provide enterprises with the most flexible AI solutions.The platform offers a variety of core products, including face recognition, object recognition, license plate recognition, safety helmet recognition, and clothing recognition. These products can serve as the backbone for enterprises to develop AI products.

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According to statistics, the construction industry accounts for up to 50% of the number of fatal occupational accidents, ranking first among all industries. Common types of occupational accidents primarily include falls, electric shocks, falling objects, and collapse or cave-in accidents, many of which are attributed to unsafe behaviors by construction workers, such as not wearing protective equipment properly. iSeek has proposed a smart work safety solution that can simultaneously detect multiple construction sites and manage the verification of whether workers on-site are properly wearing safety helmets, reflective vests, and high-altitude safety belts. In addition, the system smartly monitors smoke and flames so that on-site personnel have enough time to evacuate dangerous areas, thereby ensuring workers' safety at all times.


RAI's Xcreen AI intelligent advertising billboard effectively provides efficient and flexible information broadcasting services on outdoor digital panels. By establishing product tags, it accurately targets the desired customer groups, aiming to improve consumer shopping bag rate and average transaction value. The cross-screen mechanism of the AI advertising billboard allows uninterrupted service, linking all digital devices in the field to provide customized personalized services.


The Intelligent AI Smart Medical solution bolsters the precision, effectiveness, and quality of healthcare services. By implementing intelligent medication identification, it ensures medication accuracy and controls medication flow efficiently. This minimizes the risk of medication errors, reduces human burden, and achieves secure medication distribution and management.


The solution offers an automatic license plate recognition system for smart city traffic management. It enables administrators to keep track of vehicular inflow and outflow, reducing manpower cost and improving efficiency. The system is particularly useful in intelligent parking management, traffic law enforcement, and residential community parking control. By precisely identifying license plates, waiting times decrease, while parking process speeds up, enhancing vehicle turnover rate.