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Industries Involved

Construction, Smart City, Retail, Public Health

Company Description

iSeek focuses on AI detection technology subscriptions. The AI application technology service platform has a powerful recognition core, with diverse AI options such as smart work safety, smart retail, and smart transportation that can be applied to different scenarios, providing enterprises with the most flexible AI artificial intelligence solutions. It offers a diverse core product lineup including: face recognition, object detection, license plate recognition, safety helmet recognition, clothing recognition, etc., serving as a backbone for enterprise AI product R&D.

Strengths & Services

Technology law enforcement ensures work site safety

Smart monitoring oversees safety during construction, ensuring on-site personnel wear safety helmets, reflective vests or harnesses for working at heights, assisting contractors in meeting safety standards.

Monitor high-risk flammable work areas

Petrochemical plants, oil refineries and high-tech plants store flammable materials. Related equipment is expensive. Causing a catastrophic and irreversible industrial safety accident. Smart monitoring safeguards plant safety at all times.