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Industrial AI is huge but difficult.
Millions of factories and industrial businesses are excited to adopt AI.
However, industrial AI projects are risky, long and complicated.
Adding to the complexity, each enterprise runs in specific verticals & niches, with at least 10 AI use cases demanding unique solution.
We made great AI solutions easy for AI SIs.
DataXquad is an industrial AI marketplace that helps AI SIs (System Integrators) & solution providers to deliver AI to customers easily. Now, 90% of your AI project/feature can be taken care of by a simple subscription!
Find mature proven AI model (& solution) quickly
Half the battle in successful AI implementation lies in choosing the right model from the start.
Rather than struggling with generic open-source AI models, we help you find pre-trained models (& tailored AI solutions) for your use case, crafted by top AI developers & domain experts.
Evaluate and choose the right fit based on your client’s needs & budget.
Largest AI solution catalog for your industry, now in the making
Can’t find the right one? Share your need with us!
Proven AI ROI for businesses
Enterprise grade
Going beyond research paper, our models & solutions meet the stringent demands of leading enterprises.
Our solutions have been proven through POCs or are in live production with real business data and operations.
Discover the industry benchmarks for the solution you seek, typically held as trade secrets.
Guidance & industry insights
Clarify Needs
Help define client’s needs with industry best practices & key criteria for evaluation.
Set realistic expectations for your clients with case studies, both successes and failures.
Assist in comparing solutions to your needs and suggest the best options when required.
Fast POC in days, not weeks
POCs can be the number one excitement and ROI killer for SIs and their clients.
Now you can easily run good POC, and make POC the number 1 ROI & excitement booster.
Instant POC on UI - Playground
Sign up and try out the model instantly with your client’s sample data. You can adjust the parameters to evaluate the model accurately.
POC with data - Simple API
Ready to run a thorough POC with lots more data? Just top up your credits and subscribe to the on-demand API for the AI model of your choice. Simply a few easy steps to set up!
Smooth & successful “customization” in weeks, not months
Enterprise AI projects with demanding outcomes often can’t be satisfied with generic solution out-of-the-box. But that doesn’t mean your team has to waste months overcoming blockers & uncertainty. With the right automation tools and services from experienced experts, deliver impactful AI to your customers in a matter of weeks.
All-in AI solution: End-to-end success for complicated AI project
Customization usually involves one or more steps from the machine learning operation cycle. By subscribing to the right processes, tools, and services, you can effectively tailor the AI to your client's specific use case.
Just subscribe the complete AIaaS solution you need
*DX stands as the first AI-as-a-service marketplace to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.
Subscribe the product(s)
AI Model
E.g. Monthly subscription per camera
ML ops & AI Applications
E.g. AI dashboard
Sensor, edge etc
E.g. IP camera
ML Cloud
Computing etc
E.g. AWS cloud
Subscribe the service(s)
DX ML Ops Service
Reliable & cost-effective AI engineering and ML ops services
E.g. 5 days fine tuning
Seller Service
Expert consultation & support from top specialists
E.g. Add additional parameters to model
Check out online easily
Choose plan
Pick the right fit from multiple deployment options and diverse pricing plans.
Accept terms
Secure your and your clients' rights with industry-standard legal terms for AI solutions.
Bill & Payment
Check out online easily. Manage your billing and payments on DX portal.
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Industrial AI Veterans
Starting in 2017, three of our founders and the majority of our team members have been actively serving as AI SI. DX has successfully managed dozens of large and medium AI projects across various industrial enterprises
We've experienced the industry's growing pains firsthand as early adopters in roles ranging from end users to distributors and suppliers. This has inspires us to create the solution everyone needs.
Hungry International Startup
We see that on one side, local SIs in dire need struggle to trust smaller foreign AI developers.
On the other, talented AI developers with innovative solutions face challenges in scaling their products internationally, getting stuck in a cycle of project-based work. 
Founded by a diverse team from Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, we're set to facilitate the global market.
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