About DataXquad

Built by AI SIs like us, for AI SIs like you.

We are industrial AI veterans

Starting in 2017, three of our founders and most of our team members have been actively serving as AI SI. DX has successfully managed dozens of large and medium AI projects across various industrial enterprises. We've experienced the industry's growing pains firsthand as early adopters in roles ranging from end users to distributors and suppliers. This has inspired us to create the solution everyone needs.

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Our extensive AI experience

At DataXquad, our team members bring a wealth of experience to the table. With expertise in diverse AI project types, various verticals, and a global presence across 5 continents, we are your ideal partner for AI initiatives.

15+ AI project types
  • Defect detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Safety monitoring
  • Tree counting
  • People counting
  • ... and more!
4 industry verticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Geospatial
  • Smart City
10+ countries

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Portugal, and South Africa

Hungry international startup

We see that on one side, local SIs in dire need struggle to trust smaller foreign AI developers. On the other, talented AI developers with innovative solutions face challenges in scaling their products internationally, getting stuck in a cycle of project-based work. Founded by a diverse team from Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, we're set to facilitate the global market.

The founding team

Kevin Chan
  • 15+ years of multiple 0-to-1 experience in startup.
  • Exited 2 marketplaces.
  • Founder, Insight Robotics (raised $15M funding)
  • Built sales channels in 5 continents.
Chun Er
Product & Operation
  • 12 years product leader in B2B SaaS & Marketplace.
  • Growth experience as ex-founder, product leader & consultant with 30+ SMBs & startups in Asia.
Yorker Lin
Sales & Partnership
  • 6 years of manufacturing digitization experience across 10 industries.
  • PhD candidate of Industrial Engineering.
  • Founder, ZeroDimension
Alexandro Lee
Tech Dev & AI Delivery
  • 100+ engineering projects leadership experience.
  • IoT, cloud, mobile, desktop software development
  • Co-founder, ZeroDimension

More about us

Strong positive validation since we started in Jun 23

Traction of 100 seller onboarding and 80% of buyers exploring more than 3 use cases with us. We are now creating the solution that can truly deliver the ROI & speed that AI SIs need with them.

We think the only way to accelerate Industrial AI adoption is for all players to work together better, closer. Let’s talk.

We are building the ecosystem. Happy to talk to any player in the ecosystem.
We are also raising our pre-seed. welcome investors to chat!

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