Go to market at scale with your AI solution with >30% growth

No matter which stage of your startup (pre-seed, Series A) or which stage your solution is at (POC, live, etc), we are your best GTM and channel partner. Let's bring on the AI resolution together.
Sell AI in DataXquad

From Prospects to Orders, Support at Every Stage

We offer the platforms, the tools and the services needed to acquire and close a new customer and order.
Vertical-Use Case Focus
We understand your AI solution capabilities and specialized verticals, precisely targeting and deeply selling into key markets.
SMB > Enterprises > Resellers
The B2B game is rarely one-to-one with users, but one-to-many with the important middlemen. Therefore, we help bring leads directly to enterprises and also build a network of resellers to sell at a larger scale.
International Market GTM
Leverage our established partnerships in Taiwan, Asia-Pacific, and North America to sell your AI globally.

Transaction Fee

Charged only upon orders.
10% additional for first order from the first time customer.
No hidden fees for these support
Showcase your solutions, company profile & case studies
Generate leads and qualify them
Help clarify requirement & goals
Advice on proposal & negotiation
Efficient SOP for complex AI transactions
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Limited Exclusive Offers for
Hungry AI Startups

If your team is eager to grow and has a strong AI product, we're ready to go the extra mile to be your dedicated 'outsourced' go-to-market team. Committed to your success, we take it even further with a money-back deal guarantee!

Deal Generation Program

Special discounts available for qualifying pre-seed startups. Reach out to us!
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Seller FAQs

What are the benefits of becoming a DataXquad Verified Seller?
Becoming a DataXquad Verified seller gives you global exposure to buyers worldwide, proactive opportunities through our request portal, dedicated support from our consultants, and a chance to build a strong reputation in the AI ecosystem.
What is the fee for DataXquad Sellers?
We operate using a transaction commission model. You have the freedom to set your selling price. Upon making a sale, we deduct a Transaction Fee of 15%, which is charged only when orders are confirmed. Additionally, there's an extra 10% fee for the first order from a first-time customer.
How do I set up my price on your marketplace?
There are two parts of pricing, the standard pricing of your solution on the catalog, and the price you provide to a buyer in the form of responding to the request to the buyer based on their request.

For catalog: set your prices at your standard rate, as you best understand your solution's value. Keep in mind to adjust your prices according to market trends and demand. Please remember to consider the exchange rate, as all transactions are conducted in USD.
How do I provide my solution to you, and in what format?
Provide your AI solution with key details including the introduction, use cases, pricing, features, and real case studies. We may also ask for a demo or trial access for validation purposes. Don't worry; we'll guide you through the onboarding process to ensure everything is clear and straightforward.
What support does DataXquad offer to help sellers grow?
Detailed assistance by DataXquad consultants at every step of the transaction. We're dedicated to ensuring your AI solutions find their ideal market, particularly supporting those with robust AI offerings but limited sales resources.