Everything you need to know.

General FAQs

What is DataXquad?
DataXquad is an enterprise-grade industrial AI marketplace that helps AI system integrators (SIs) and AI solution sellers connect via enquiry portal and our dedicated consultants.
What problems does DataXquad solve?
DataXquad solves the problem of finding tailored enterprise-grade AI solutions and trustworthy AI sellers, making it easier for buyers to get what they need and for sellers to connect with new markets quickly.
What solutions does DataXquad offer?

DataXquad provides a marketplace for enterprise-grade industrial AI solutions and services, connecting AI buyers and sellers. We offer:

  1. Access to a diverse catalog of AI solutions from global sellers across various industrial verticals, simplifying the procuring process.
  2. An efficient request portal for buyers to receive quotes and proposals from multiple sellers in 2-3 weeks and for sellers to grab opportunities proactively, facilitating procuring/collaboration between buyers and sellers for custom solutions.
  3. Dedicated support via our AI consultants to help buyer fulfill their requirements and help sellers find their ideal market.

Buyer FAQs

How do I get started in DataXquad?

Start by exploring our catalog of AI solutions, or, you can post a request in our request portal to receive proposals from multiple AI sellers quickly. For any help, our consultants are just a click away.

How do you acquire AI solutions & AI sellers?
We find AI solutions and sellers in three ways: leveraging our network, conducting manual online searches, and employing AI crawling & scrapping engine to scout the internet continuously.
How can I ensure the AI sellers on the platform are real?
To ensure AI sellers on the platform are real, we reach out to potential sellers found through our network, manual online searches, and AI matching. We verify these sellers through online meetings and collecting relevant information proof from sellers. Sellers that pass our verification process receive a "DataXquad Verified" badge, indicating their authenticity.
How does DataXquad ensure the quality of AI solutions?
DataXquad makes sure verified sellers are legit and have a solid reputation and also tests their AI solutions to confirm they work as promised. This involves checking features, reviewing past projects, and testing the AI's performance with sample data.
What support does DataXquad offer to help buyers grow?
We offer personalized consultation assisting buyers through the sourcing and implementing process. We focus on your needs rather than solution selling and support you make informed decisions tailored to your requirements.
Can I try AI solutions before purchasing?
The availability of AI solutions for testing depends on sellers’ offers. You can specify your interest in trying an AI solution to the seller through our request portal before making a purchase decision.
Can I get a refund if the solution does not fit or is not up to standard?
Our policies on refunds are designed to ensure buyer satisfaction and depend on the terms agreed upon with the seller, facilitated by our platform for transparency and fairness.
Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the AI solution after purchase?
Maintenance responsibility typically lies with the seller, as outlined in the transaction contract. DataXquad facilitates discussions and additional consultations if needed for clarity and support. For markets in which DataXquad has a local presence or third-party support service partners, buyers can consider employing DataXquad for maintenance and support services.

Any more questions?

Initiate a live chat with us, our AI experts are here to help!