Capture AI opportunities from your customers with our support

Every one of your customers will soon need AI solutions that are related to your existing tech offerings.
Don't let these valuable opportunities slip away. With our professional support, you can effortlessly convert deals potentially worth at least tens of thousands each.
Resell AI Solutions with DataXquad

Make Industrial AI Solution Reselling Easy

We supply the solutions, suppliers, tools, and services necessary to acquire and fulfill new AI orders. Focus on what you do best in this AI deal, whether it's managing client relationships or executing system integrations.

Introducer Mode

We will take over & invoice the customers.
5-7% commission
Pass the customer to us, we will do the rest.
Get your introducer commission when it's closed.
Commission negotiable if you contribute significant to closing.
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Limited Fast Track Offers for
Aspiring AI System Integrators

Want to build a strong AI business/revenue stream fast with solid AI offerings?
Let's make it happen together! We'll be your dedicated AI sourcing and pre-sales team.

AI Reselling Enabler Program

Build up your AI reselling business in 3 months as your business partner & "outsourced" team
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Reseller FAQs

What types of AI opportunities can we partner on?
We specialize in supporting businesses in primary and secondary industries like manufacturing, as well as organizations with extensive on-site operations. Our expertise primarily lies in sensor-related AI solutions, including computer vision and IoT, as well as structured data AI for optimization and prediction. Check out our AI catalog to get a feel for our specialties.
That said, we're open to discussing how we can assist with your unique needs. Let's connect and explore potential collaborations!