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Empower Vision AI with Data-Centric Insights, Accelerated Model Development and Seamless Edge Integration.
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Manufacturing, Smart City, Workspace Safety, MLOps, Warehouse, Public Health

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Linker VisionAI Platform Offers a streamlined, end-to-end AI solution, enhancing visual intelligence through seamless hardware integration and a focus on continuous learning and data-centric design.

  • Data-Centric Approach: Emphasizes the use of high-quality, diverse datasets for more accurate and robust AI model training, prioritizing data quality for enhanced performance.
  • Continuous Learning: Enables AI models to adapt and improve over time by constantly updating with new data, ensuring relevance and accuracy in dynamic environments.
  • Software/Hardware Integration: Through tight collaboration with leading AI chip partners, our platform achieves seamless integration of advanced hardware, optimizing software performance for diverse operational needs and enhancing overall efficiency.
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Linker Vision



Observ Smart Detection Platform by Linker VisionAI facilitates real-time monitoring, analysis, and notifies about various events. By integrating with DataVerse for AI model training, it optimizes work performance across numerous fields. This platform is customizable, providing comprehensive data management, from collection to model training. Supporting a variety of AI detection scenarios, it also provides smooth event management and advanced analytics tools.


Dataverse is a potent platform for rapid AI model development, designed to handle vast visual datasets. It enriches the user experience with its comprehensive suite, including data management, search functionalities, trend analysis, annotation tools, and automated AI model training and predictions. Dataverse is an end-to-end solution for AI development, equally useful for both AI novices and seasoned developers.