Linker Vision

Computing the Future of AI

We help businesses leverage AI with machine learning from cloud to edge

Key Attributes

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Industries Involved

Manufacturing, Smart City, Workspace Safety, MLOps, Warehouse, Public Health

Company Description

Provide an end-to-end development platform to enable real-time computer vision AI on EV, Robotics, and cloud streaming, in both 2D and 3D. There are enormous needs in our daily lives waiting to be fulfilled, from autonomous driving & manufacturing to healthcare & retail. By connecting & integrating with our hardware & infrastructure partners, we could land our computer vision solutions to EV, Robotics, and cloud streaming for vertical industries to boost time-to-market and shape the future.

Strengths & Services

Auto-Machine Learning + Auto-Labeling

  • Improves business operations using video and AI
  • Manage and monitor all activities at all times in one view
  • Off-the-shelf and customizable AI models


  • Real-time detection with live-streaming cameras
  • Self-defined object detection models
  • Model retraining with continuous learning


  • Uses AI models to auto-label training data
  • Generates consistent, high-quality, and accurate data
  • Saves time and cost to enhance business competitive advantages