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Asana Intelligence is a project management platform improved by artificial intelligence (AI) designed to make tasks and work management more effective. The solution facilitates better task prioritization, assists with data-driven decision-making, and enhances workflow automation to allow teams to reach their goals faster. It offers smart project suggestion, deadline prediction, and helps in achieving quicker turnarounds. Yet another highlight is the AI-assisted meeting management, which transforms your meetings into well-orchestrated project plans. Asana Intelligence is known to enhance collaboration, planning, execution, and project management.


Asana for Enterprise is a work management platform designed to aid large organizations in the seamless execution of projects. It offers a unified place for teamwork, aligning efforts across various teams, and providing transparency at enterprise scale. In addition, it enhances administrative controls to maintain the confidentiality and security of enterprise data. What sets it apart is the ability to integrate with existing workflows and manage workloads across multiple teams, ensuring efficient use of resources. Additionally, Asana for Enterprise is committed to the highest level of data privacy, security, and compliance standards.