AIWin's vision is to become a global leading AI solutions brand. Its mission is to provide comprehensive AI adoption services to solve customer pain points. Its philosophy is to insist on continuous innovation of practical and pragmatic AI technologies.
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Manufacturing, Workspace Safety, MLOps

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AIWin is a provider of AI solutions, helping customers establish a virtuous cycle of AI by providing computer vision, data analysis (AutoML), expert systems, and traditional algorithm fusion AI SaaS platform solutions (Winhub.AI - Fusion AI SaaS Solutions). This allows customers to quickly develop and deploy AI via an integrated platform. AIWin has already perfected software and hardware integration for areas like semiconductors, smart water affairs, and NDT, achieving ready-to-implement solutions. AIWin partners include software integrators, system integrators, automation integrators, AOI equipment vendors, etc.

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NumOps is a robust data science tool housed within AIWin Technology's integrated AI solution, WinHub.AI. It simplifies and facilitates machine learning processes with features like expert systems and automated machine learning technology, enabling efficient model training and prediction. NumOps enables users, regardless of their technical proficiency, to generate AI models just by organizing and importing data into datasets. The SaaS platform, designed for data processing across diverse industries, also offers quick testing features for immediate model effectiveness verification.


AIWinOps, one of AIWin Technology's universal platforms under the comprehensive AI solution WinHub.AI, is a strong yet user-friendly Image-based AI SaaS platform. The platform offers a variety of functionalities including image annotation tools, potent data processing, and intuitive decision-making tools. This allows users to swiftly and accurately complete AI model training and deployment, without the need for programming knowledge. AIWinOps finds usage across a broad spectrum of industries such as semiconductor high-tech industry, water resources and environmental industry, precision and traditional manufacturing, security monitoring, medical imaging, and retail services.


Combining the AI Image Recognition Platform AIWinOps delivers intelligent manufacturing solutions, applying AI + AOI techniques to industries such as petrochemicals, golf club manufacturing, semiconductors, mechanical part fabrication, and textiles.