AI-Powered Industrial Operations

Enhance safety and maximize productivity by leveraging on existing cameras to receive real-time actionable insights and make better informed decisions
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Ailytics is Southeast Asia’s leading Video Analytics solution provider that helps companies enhance their operational safety and productivity.The global industrial workplaces are known to be dangerous and less productive, with construction inefficiencies and safety lapses costing a staggering $2.8T across the world.At Ailytics, we believe that workplace productivity is key whilst safety is non-negotiable and can be easily improved by adoption of the right technology.Using the latest breakthroughs in AI, we empower workplaces to have 24/7 monitoring of their operations, receive real-time actionable insights and take actions to optimize their operational bottlenecks and ultimately creating a safer and more efficient workspace for everyone.




The solution provides a method for tracking construction progress more accurately. It uses artificial intelligence to capture and analyze stages of a project. This offers an overview of progress and timelines. The system also provides visualizations of completion percentages, allowing teams to identify and address risks early. Further, it allows for the creation of timelapse videos that can serve multiple purposes including marketing and project updates.


The solution leverages AI to augment vehicle efficiency and utilization at the worksite by tracking their in-and-out movements. Its functionalities encompass license plate detection and vehicle counting paired with timestamps and duration monitoring. The system can detect unauthorized vehicle movements, classify various types of vehicles, and maintain a log for verification purposes. Additionally, it aids in discerning whether users are being overbilled for vehicle rentals, and provides a user-friendly dashboard for easy access to records and generation of reports for stakeholders.


The solution leverages artificial intelligence to enhance worksite safety through comprehensive access control and personnel tracking. It enables effective manpower tracking, authenticates zone access permissions, and accurately tracks movement for both workers and customers. Moreover, it offers real-time updates of the number of workers in each zone, and issues notifications when unauthorized individuals are detected. The solution contributes significantly to facility planning with insights about hotspot locations, bottlenecks, and choke points.


The solution orchestrates worksite safety using AI-driven video analytics. It boasts more than 10 pre-installed uses, including danger detection under lifted loads, vehicle proximity, and personal protective equipment (PPE) detection. The solution facilitates prompt alerts, enabling immediate corrective action and worker retraining. It assists in understanding trends to evaluate action plans' efficacy, and it's instrumental in safety meetings. The solution touts impressive figures, including a 50% reduction in hazard inspections and a seven-fold increase in hazard detection.