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Profit sharing

Enjoy profit sharing based on your role and responsibilities

Account management & sales

Depending on your level of involvement in both sales and account management. Choose your earning model: 10% markup without account management, 15% with account management, or commission with DataXquad's deals.

Solution delivery

If you provide delivery services such as server setup, app configuration, on-site support, and more, you have the flexibility to set your day rate card and maximize your earnings.


Efficient lead generation

Acquire transparent and comprehensive opportunities from DataXquad, saving you time and resources for lean-gen.

Global reach

Gain access to AI projects and clients spanning across diverse regions and industries.

Dedicated support

Benefit from dedicated support that encompasses guidance on AI technology, project management, and sales assistance.

Build reputation

Acquire and complete more opportunities, satisfy clients, and establish a strong reputation within the AI ecosystem.

How it works

1. Sign up as buyer

Sign up as a buyer and express your interest in becoming a DataXquad Verified SI on the signup form.

2. DataXquad outreach

DataXquad will reach out to you, which may include an interview call to gather additional information for our verification process.

3. Verification

DataXquad will verify your eligibility based on criteria related to strong industry relationships, sales proficiency, and delivery excellence.

4. Acquire opportunities - reactive

Upon verification, you will receive opportunity notifications from DataXquad tailored to your expertise and preferences. If there's a suitable opportunity, seize it!

5. Acquire opportunities - proactive

Or, you can take the initiative and explore our opportunities list to select those that align with your capabilities and interests.

6. Approval & kickstart

After seizing an opportunity, DataXquad will inform the end user and wait for their approval. Once approved, you can kickstart your project.

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1. Company inforamtion

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