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We make data transformation easy for everyone

A Pay-Per-Use online image data transformation service that brings you the highest quality information at the best price

The barrier for transforming image data is too high

Difficult to learn

3D modeling and AI analysis, requires professional knowledge and skills.


Processing big data is very time-consuming, transferring , adjusting, and processing all take time.


A high-level computer set plus software will cost nearly $6,000 or more.

Poor cost efficiency

Most companies have less than 10% utilization and are very cost inefficient.

DataXquad Portal makes it easy and accessible

Zero learning curve
No euqipment cost
Save your time
Maximizes cost effectiveness
An integrated environment
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Only five steps to make data transformation easy and accessible.

Anyone can benefit from it

Drone Operator

Earn more money

Aerial Survey Company

Save time

Government & Industries

Get insights

With DataXquad, they can...

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The actual release time of each function and tool depends on the development status

  • 2023/Q1 Alpha V0.1 

Release to test users in Taiwan

  • 2023/Q2 Alpha V0.2

Share function

Automation for some tools to increase speed

  • 2023/Q3 Alpha V0.3

Raw data search, management and preview

DX point available for purchase

  • 2023/Q4 Beta V0.1 

Official Release

Account Registration

We are committed to creating a an easier and more comprehensive data transformation environment.

In addition, we have diversified our tools.

Are the current data transformation tools not enough for you?

Do you have a special application or need?

Contact us and let us customize it for you!


Data pipeline design


Transformation tool development


AI model development

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Image by charlesdeluvio

We would love to be your partner.

Whether it's a PoC project, a government bid, or an industry requirement, if you need data transformation, we'll be happy to be your partner.

In addition, if you are an information software company with better tools or AI application models, we welcome the opportunity to work with you!




Government bid


Industry solutions


Technical cooperation

Our Partners

螢幕擷取畫面 2022-08-19 175552.png

Contact us to get more information

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