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AI Store Traffic Analytics
AI smart retail revolutionizes in-store experiences through real-time analytics, employing facial recognition and behavior analysis. By monitoring foot traffic, customer profiling, and behavior, retailers leverage insights to drive personalized marketing and enhance operational efficiency.
Omni-Model Integration
Inclusive models covering pedestrian, face, and object recognition, providing an all-encompassing solution for optimizing in-store experiences.
Effortless Deployment
Quick and hassle-free implementation encompassing models, software, and hardware, allows retailers to focus on leveraging analytics rather than technical intricacies.
Centralized Management
Streamlined data processing, regardless of site size, through IP cameras and PoE switches, facilitating centralized control for efficient monitoring and analysis.
Use Cases
Store Traffic Analytics
Real-time tracking of foot traffic, identification of hot spots, and continuous monitoring of customer traffic flow, empower retailers to optimize overall in-store layout for a more engaging and efficient shopping environment.
Customer Occupancy Counting
Accurately count customers in real-time, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the distribution of customers in-store. Gain insights into peak hours and traffic patterns, enabling strategic resource planning and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Customer Demographics
Presentation of customer data categorized by age group and gender to provide valuable insights for store owners, marketers, product developers, and vendors to tailor strategies and offerings.
UI-Friendly Visualization
Intelligent recognition images or videos are used to compare whether the moving pedestrians are the same person or not based on their characteristics.
Self-Service Analysis Report
Regular Automatic Report Sending
Flexible web-based software
Customer Story
Park Lane: Department Store Traffic Analysis
Navigate the data-rich landscape of a bustling department store, where our analytics solution played a pivotal role. Metrics tell a comprehensive story: recognition coverage spanning two underground floors and five above-ground levels, 45 deployed cameras, and an average daily foot traffic ranging from 20,000 to 30,000. This data-driven approach provided crucial insights into people flow, dwell time, customer gender, and age, guiding strategic decision-making.
Family Mart Interactive Advertising Screen
In the dynamic retail landscape of Family Mart, our AI Store Traffic Analytics solution is seamlessly integrated with smart advertising screens. The impact is quantified by impressive metrics: 1,258,883 customers recognized, 261,329 ads played, and a wide reach of 974,777 customers. Notably, 40,611 customers engaged for more than 15 seconds, underscoring the profound influence on customer interaction and advertising effectiveness.
Taiwan Fresh Supermarket: Intelligent Advertising Screens
With our AI Store Traffic Analytics solution seamlessly integrated with a smart advertising system, Taiwan Fresh Supermarket turned screens into intelligent storytellers. The success story is quantified by significant metrics: 106,095 customers recognized, 275,826 ads played, and an effective reach of 70,308 customers. Beyond numbers, it's a testament to the screens' ability to capture attention and create an immersive retail experience.